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柔软和韧性- 302型(18/8铬镍)ainless Steel Strip. This is the BASIC and most widely used of all the Chrome-Nickel steels. It is recognized as the best all purpose drawing and forming quality type in this stainless group with mechanical and forming qualities intermediate to Types 301 and 304. Type 302 offers the benefits and avoids the shortcomings of both of these types.

Note - Deep Drawing and Extra Deep Drawing qualities are available but only as negotiated to meet special requirements. Type 302 applications are wide and various including formed products, drawn parts, flexible metal hose, household appliances, certain spinning operations, tubing and countless other stainless fabricated parts.

Type 302 Characteristics

Type 302 (18/8 chrome-nickel) Austenitic. This type differs but little from its companion Alloy Type 301. However, the slight increase in Chromium and Nickel contents in Type 302 over 301 develops marked changes in its mechanical properties and in its forming behavior. Type 302 work hardens much less rapidly than does Type 301 but with strength and toughness second only to301 stainless steel. It possesses excellent heat and corrosion resistance and welds easily. To solution anneal, cool rapidly in air or water from about 2000° F. It is not heat treatable for hardening purposes and is slightly magnetic following cold working. We stock Type 302 in five different tempers - Soft to Full Hard inclusive.

Note - We do not guarantee mechanical properties on Type 302 tempers. We do for Type 301.

View Soft Annealed 302 Stainless Steel Tolerance Data
  • AlSl 302
  • ASTM A 240
  • ASTM A 666
  • AMS 5516
  • Rockwell B87 Max.
  • Available 48" wide in select gages.